Building the New Shay (A 1920s Shay in 3/4" Scale)
Kozo Hiraoka

This is Kozo Hiraoka's latest model steam locomotive construction guide book that was issued few weeks ago. Apart from the fact that the author is Japanese as I am, I think this is world's number one book in this field ! The main content is construction manual of 3/4" scale 1920s Shay which was published serially in Live Steam magazine. If you had already read the magazine, you will agree with me that Kozo's serial far surpassed other articles in the magazine. From the serial, I had learned a lot of techniques of both construction and designing for model locomotive. Moreover, the author presents many appendixes for the book, e.g. redesigning of the New Shay for 1-1/2" scale, how to design copper boiler and safety valve, how to utilize o-rings, etc. You can get new and powerful technology of model engineering from the book. I am proud that such excellent book was written by a Japanese.